Minecraft Chest Shop Search


To search a name, just type the name (spaces and multiple words are allowed, although using only a single word may yield the best results). Sometimes if the name has color codes in between words it may not work. In this case, try to use one word.
Use the official English full name for searching enchantments (as seen on the items themselves) (spaces are allowed).
To specify only a material type: "type: material" where material is the minecraft internal material name (spaces are not allowed).
To search for a potion type, you must currently use the minecraft internal potion-type name (spaces are not allowed).

If searching for a sword with mending, you may search for 'mending'.
Make use of the sort functions on the columns to aid you in finding the correct item. Do not enter enchant levels or colors of items.
You may enter enchants that are multiple words but must use the full English minecraft name of the enchantment.
Item Icon
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Flame 1
10000(240, 68, -6727)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Knockback 2
10000(249, 68, -6729)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Knockback 2
8000(1498, 65, 2218)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Smite 4
3000(2211, 71, -6879)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Fire Protection 2
2500(2212, 71, -6879)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Feather Falling 4
10000(2213, 65, -3073)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Looting 2
Smite 3
3500(2213, 71, -6879)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Piercing 2
1250(2214, 71, -6879)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Unbreaking 3
15000(2215, 65, -3073)
ENCHANTED_BOOKStored Enchants:
Smite 2
500(2215, 71, -6879)

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