JonGames - denMS Minecraft Server JonGames-denMS

Minecraft Java Server ONLINE - 0 Players
1.12.2 Cracked Server (1.9 - 1.16 supported § Premium Mojang accounts welcome!)

JonGames - denMS is a simple non-hub server consisting of one world for peaceful factions with an economy
& player shops in normal difficulty survival mode. We also love builders & artwork. The server is free and has
no donor ranks, microtransactions, or purchases of any kind.

General instructions on how to play. Common commands. Frequently Asked Questions for new players.

View Map of Server § Builds § Builds 2 § Builds 3 § 3D Models § Economy Rankings

Buy Official Minecraft and/or Download: My Launcher w/ Sound & 3D Video Mods
Install 3D binaural audio mod here. Install sound filters & environment audio mod here. Install 3D side-by-side / VR mod here.

Peaceful means: No griefing or ruthless killing is allowed, but PvP and battles between factions are allowed as long as you are respectful and plan time
for both parties to regain their resources. This is accomplished through factions since they can be started by anyone (even solo) and allows for land
claiming to prevent griefing (you can even limit griefing between faction members too using chunk access commands).

As for the economy, money is gained through many ways: farming netherwart to sell back to spawn's adminshop, making player shops to sell your own items,
voting on serverlists, or selling land/builds. The economy is fair since fully automatic farms are impossible with netherwart. The spawn adminshop only
sells decorative/building items and not game-altering items leading to fair survival game-play, but anyone can sell or buy any item via player-owned shops.

We also love builds & art: check out the links above for 3D photos and models of builds fellow players have made! The models are provided to the player
who built them.

We aim for a friendly community with great admins. As the owner, I am able to moderate and lead the server effectively and with great maturity. While
anyone including kids are allowed on the server, I filter out immature and troublesome players. I also know a ton about computers which allows me to
effectively improve the server with a website, rankings from the database, proper backups, world editors, NBT data, and am able to trace IPs and ban any
troublemakers using ALT accounts. My mods are also hand selected by me and very mature.

The rules are simple: Do not annoy people. Be respectful to everyone. Do not grief builds. Do not use global chat for personal conversation if there are many
players on, instead use PMs or faction chat. No advertising or spamming (asking to be a moderator or OP counts as spam) in chat. Enter the commands into
chat and read the instructions: /howto 1 /howto 2 ... /howto 8 and /help 1 /help 2 ... /help 4

Please come and join us! Whether you want to work as a team using factions, do your own thing in survival alone or with friends, or build artwork and
architecture, this is the place for you. There are no resets in the overworld, and the nether and end are reset as resources run dry in order for everyone
to gain a fresh experience. This server is an effort of passion and a hobby project. I have resources to run it for years, so please stop by to take a look.