Frequently Asked Questions - JonGames Minecraft Frequently Asked Questions - JonGames Minecraft
Do NOT annoy people & be respectful to everyone (excessive killing, excessive cursing, and hacking are all disrespectful);
Do NOT grief builds (faction war allowed via PvP) and do NOT destroy/burn people's items;
Do NOT use global chat for personal conversations and avoid global chat if the server chat is crowded;
NO advertising/spamming (asking for mod/OP/creative counts as spam! There are no applications to become a moderator as I do not accept random people)
Please read '/howto' & '/help' & have remember to have fun!
Please frequently visit the website for updates:
Please join the DISCORD server linked at the bottom of each page on this website for realtime updates from staff & to easily talk with other players.

Special Features of JonGames' MineCraft server:

Q0: How do I login / register? How do I complete the captcha? What is the server password?
A0: First, switch to the map item in your inventory. Hold the map in front of you so you can see it. This is the captcha code. Enter this code into the chat box
    opened by pressing the 't' key. When completing the captcha when you first connect, do NOT put a '/' in front of the code. Next run the
    command '/register <a new password for your account on this server>'. There is no server password, this is a password that you made up for this server.
    Make the password strong: at least 8 characters and it should be pretty random with no words or simple patterns. You are responsible for anything that
    happens on your account. If someone guesses your password and steals your items, that is your fault and not the fault of the server. If someone logs in and
    does something bad using your account, you will be banned and will be held responsible for whatever actions your account took.

Q1: Where are the factions or the survival world?
A1: The map you login to when you first connect is the singular world you can play in (along with the connected nether and end subworlds).
    This is not a hub server, there are no other worlds to go to for survival or building or factions or economy. The factions and survival and economy are all
    one world and are not separate. They work well together and are combined to provide a cohesive experience.

Q2: Why can't I edit anything?
A2: When you login you arrive at the spawn area, which is owned by the faction named: Phoenix. You are not allowed to edit spawn or other people's factions.
    There are a few statues and buildings right outside of spawn which are owned by other players and you cannot edit those. You must walk until you see the
    Wilderness message appear on your screen, this is unclaimed land which can be used by anyone and even be claimed later on by you.

Q3: Is there a starter kit? Running /kit doesn't seem to work.
A3: There is no kit plugin on this server, but there is a button with a sign above it which says starter kit. You missed it because you ignored all the signs at spawn.
    Please go back to spawn and explore it for a minute or two to learn the features of the server as this will help you have fun playing the game.

Q4: I NEED FOOD! / Is there an easy way to get food?
A4: Sorry, this is not a question and no one has to give you food. The rules of the server say to not be annoying which includes begging.
    Now there is a public chicken and zombie spawner available to all players that another player made: '/warp spawner'

Q5: I see players flying!?! How can I fly? / How do I vote?
A5: Flying can only be gained by chance via voting. Each vote has an 8% chance of winning fly abilities per 1 player session (from login to logoff in the overworld)
    and diamonds. Each vote also always gives you $80 of ingame money regardless of if you win fly or not. DO NOT BEG or ask for fly. You do not "deserve" to fly,
    it is only a reward for voting OFTEN. The links to vote at are located at the bottom of every page on this website.

Q6: Why is there no random teleport or /wild command?
A6: The command '/rtp' on this server stands for request teleport and it allows you to teleport to another willing player. Other servers may use rtp to mean
    random teleport, but this is not the case in this server. The reason for no random teleport or wild commands is to reduce spammering and griefering. It takes
    more effort to travel further from spawn and therefore most of the bad stuff will be within a certain radius and be much easier to clean up and remove from
    the world by the server staff.

Q7: What is all the **, *, +, and -'s in front of people's names within chat?
A7: This is the rank for each member of their respective faction. The way the names work in chat are: <[rank within faction][faction name] [your player name]>
    ** means leader of a faction. * means officer of a faction. + means member of a faction. - means recruit (new member with restrictions) of a faction.
    If your or someone else's name has no symbol with a faction name, that means the player is not within a faction and is probably new to the server.
    Be nice and help them either make their own faction or invite them to your own faction to help you grow your base and find friends to play with.

Q8: Will the world ever be reset? & Do claims expire?
A8: The overworld will never be reset and I can replentish resources as necessary. The Nether and End are reset though when enough new players join and
    resources are low. Due to this and my opinion that the nether and end are ugly, factions cannot claim land in the nether or the end.
    Factions and their claims do expire. If one does not login for over a month, your data is cleared. This may include stats, achievements, inventory, & factions.
    Certain builds made for public use and decoration around spawn are permanent and will never be deleted.
    Also builds will be photographed and displayed on the website every so often.

Q9: Where are the mini games? What do I do here???
A9: If you are asking this question, you may not be the target audience of this server. You didn't read the description of the server on the server lists.
    This server is a mostly vanilla survival world that uses factions to allow players to claim their land and form friendships and groups easily. There are
    NO mini-game plugins such as skyblock, anarchy, bedwars, or a special PVP plugin / arena.
    You are meant to form a group and become friends with other players to do stuff together like art, redstone, raids, or survival.
    With all that said, there are 5 builds which accomplish adding some fun & unique things to do on this server:
    '/warp arena' is a flint and steel arena where no items can be brought in as they are all deleted, instead you are given two flint & steels and must use fire
        to kill the other players before the match timer runs out.
    '/warp mobarena' is a timed 7 round arena where players can join to fight as one team or try to solo it and kill the hardest monsters in the game.
    '/warp pvp' & '/warp 1v1' are players made arenas for multiple player versus playerS and for one-on-one fighting.
    '/warp maze' is a huge very hard maze that may take an average time of 1 hour to complete.
    '/warp parkour' is a player made parkour course which tests one's agility in jumping and other precise in game movements.

Q10: When are you updating to the latest version? / Can you update the server? / Why don't you update the server?
A10: Sorry, this server is set at 1.12.2 for a reason. It was started recently while knowing that 1.15 and 1.16 were already out. If you would like the latested
    version, there are plenty of other servers out there all running the latest version. The reasons why I will not update to the latest version are:
        1: The newer versions of minecraft are all bloated & slow for both the server (I have 16 cores + 40GB RAM + SSD so it's powerful) & the clients.
        2: The plugins this server uses do not work properly on versions above 1.12. I enjoy these plugins and have used them before for many years.
        3: This server is partially for nostalgic purposes and for creativity. Adding newer environments, more blocks, & ways of fighting does not improve creativiy.

Q11: Can I apply for staff / moderator / admin?
A11: Sorry, there will never be any applications for staff. Asking to become staff will only reduce your chances. I only hand select my moderators and admins.
    Moderators do not have creative mode or any special advantages. They are also just volunteers who enjoy playing the server.
    Please treat them with respect and do NOT beg for items or demand them to do things for you.

Q12: Can I hack or use this mod?
A12: This is not an anarchy server. There are anti-xray, anti-cheat, and general server protections in place. KillAura goes against the rules since it is annoying
    and disrespectful to players who actually worked hard to get to where they are. AFK fishing is also blocked. General mods are all allowed and there is no
    need to ask me about them. I recommend using my minecraft launcher and mods which are available for download at the main page when you first enter Those mods add various improvements such as 3D binaural audio (requires headphones to work), better sound effects which
    change depending on the blocks around you, 3D stereoscopic vision, OptiFine, and Forge mod loader (makes it easier to add more of your own mods).