General Instructions - JonGames Minecraft General Instructions - JonGames Minecraft
Do NOT annoy people & be respectful to everyone (excessive killing, excessive cursing, and hacking are all disrespectful);
Do NOT grief builds (faction war allowed via PvP) and do NOT destroy/burn people's items;
Do NOT use global chat for personal conversations and avoid global chat if the server chat is crowded;
NO advertising/spamming (asking for mod/OP/creative counts as spam! There are no applications to become a moderator as I do not accept random people)
Please read '/howto' & '/help' & have remember to have fun!
Please frequently visit the website for updates:
Please join the DISCORD server linked at the bottom of each page on this website for realtime updates from staff & to easily talk with other players.

Special Features of JonGames' MineCraft server:

This is a peaceful factions server with survival and economy. This allows you to form a group with friends and protect your land & items in chests.
To create a faction: '/f create <faction name>'
Every 30 minutes playing you gain the power to claim one chunk of land. Dying loses 2 of that power. The more people in your faction, the more power
to buy land! The faction's power is just the sum of the power each player which has joined the faction has. ALT accounts count as cheating when used
to gain more power and is not allowed.
Check any (including your own) faction's power, land, and members with '/f f <faction name>' and '/f status <faction name>'.
Check any (including your own) player's individual power with '/f player <player name>'.

To Claim Land: Check the boundaries of the chunk which you are standing in using the keys: F3 + G or '/f sco', then claim it using '/f claim one'
To Set Your Faction Home: Within faction land run: '/f sethome' and to use this home run: '/f home'
If both you and another faction ally each other with '/f ally <faction name>', then you can teleport to each other's homes '/f home <faction name>'
To undo this you can set the other faction as neutral again: '/f neutral <faction name>'

Invite people to your faction: '/f invite add <player name>'
To accept an invite: '/f join <faction name>'

New players are added as recruits: they cannot build/edit land or open chests as sometimes you do not know if you can trust the new recruit!
This prevents griefing until they prove their loyalty & value to your faction.

To change a member's rank: '/f rank <player> <rank>'
The options for rank include: recruit, member, officer, moderator, leader, admin, & owner.

Permissions can be viewed / changed for each rank thru: '/f perm'
The simplest way to give permission for a player to access all of the faction land is to do: '/f rank <player> member'
While the above command is the simplest way, it is more dangerous if the player ever decides to betray your faction as they have access to ALL your land.

The simplest way to toggle the permission of a player to access a SINGLE chunk of land is to do: '/f access player <player>'
This command is the most secure option as it allows each member to only be able to access their given plot of land. If a common area is required, this
can be managed with more complex permissions such as a combination of giving a player the member rank and performing the command noted below to
restrict all access to chunks owned by others within the faction, in conjunction with performing the command above to give them access to their plot of land.
Any land that is not blocked to the members of the faction via the command below, will be a common area where anyone can edit.
To block other faction members from accessing land that is reserved for one person, use the command: '/f access faction <faction name> no'

Use '/f ? [n]' to get page n of faction commands for more indepth features and explanations for commands.

To Raid An Enemy Faction: You must set the faction as an enemy: '/f enemy <faction name>'.
PvP the enemy faction: dying causes a loss of power, making it harder for them to claim new land. You may also take the items from killing them but
do NOT abuse this as being annoying and disrespectful by killing people over and over constantly is against the rules. NO GRIEFING BUILDS!
Another sneaky way of waging war is by claiming land chunks near the enemy which will limit the enemy faction's growth and space to build.
Also due to the economy aspect, you can also wage economic war using competitive selling of goods and undercutting the enemy's prices.
Or you can peacefully battle another faction using who can build the better base / other artistic design competitions.

Making Money: Farm netherwart, mushroom blocks (can only be mined with silk touch from a giant mushroom), and certain potions to sell at the currency
exchange corner of spawn. The potions being bought are Splash Potion of Water Breathing (extended) and Lingering Potion of Water Breathing (extended)
Check your own balance using: '/money'.
You may setup your own shops to sell items: left click a chest while crouching and holding the item you want to sell.
To buy from a shop, left click while crouching and follow the prompt.
Players can also vote using the links at the bottom of this website to earn $80 of in-game money and an 8% chance of winning fly & diamonds per vote.

Send a request to teleport to another player: '/rtp <player name>'

Default chat channel: global '/g'
Local/nearby players chat channel: '/l'
For help talk in the help chat channel: '/h'
Talk with your own faction members in your faction chat channel: '/fchat'
Private message another player: '/msg <player>'. Running this command without any message afterwards will enable a private chat channel allowing
you to avoid adding '/r' or '/msg' to respond to each subsequent message. Otherwise running '/msg <player> <message>' will only send that
one current message to that player and NOT open a private chat channel.

How to Play: (this ^ webpage is a more in-depth version of running the '/howto' command in-game)
Anything with a '/' in the chat box is a command! When completing the captcha to register when you first connect, do NOT put a '/'.
Press the '/' key to enter a command: it opens a chat box with '/' already inputted. Press the 'T' key to open the chat box normally.
READ ALL OF '/help': Use '/help [n]' to get page n of the general commands list.