Mac Install Not Working

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Mac Install Not Working

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I downloaded the virtual box version 6.0.8 as recommended but unfortunately I still cannot get the game to run... I keep getting either "error code: -2147287038 (Unexpected Error 0x80030002)" , or sometimes it will say "the system cannot find the file specified". Do you know what this issue is about and how to fix it? I have tried re-downloading both virtual box and the denMS files many times, restarting my computer, etc...but nothing is working unfortunately. Very excited to get on the server and play, any help is much appreciated. Thank you!!
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Re: Mac Install Not Working

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This means that the game is missing files.
The only thing that could affect the game's files is the auto updater that runs at the beginning when launching the game.
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If this command prompt / terminal window is closed before it finishes (it will launch the game automatically when it is done) or if it is launched twice in succession, it will break the game.
So do not accidentally open the denMS icon twice or close anything until the game has started.

The only way to fix this is to delete the virtual machine and load in a new one from re-downloading it which you said you had done.
So, I just tested the whole process on my end today and it works from a fresh download without any other configuration or changes so the problem must be in something you did and not the files (the virtual machine replicates a pristine environment that I set up and so it will work from a freshly downloaded state).
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