In-Game Features and Commands

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In-Game Features and Commands

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Type and send "@help" in the chat box to view all other commands available to you.
EXP increases for every 20 levels: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 100x
Drop increases every 20 levels: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 15x
You can respawn if you died by pressing the MTS/Trade button, WARNING costs a LOT of mesos (90% or so)!

In-Game Added Commands
Added PvP. If fighting against +/- 10 levels from you, you scale to the other player's maximum HP so it is more fair. (experimental and not completed but WORKS)
"@pvp" to enable and disable WARNING: you can only disable while you are dead (do not click OK to revive your character, type in "@pvp" while dead to turn off)
"@pvpable" to see other players on map that are in PvP mode
"@pvpmap" to teleport to an underwater map since the lower gravity makes it more challenging to maneuver around and hit the other player

"@home" Teleports you to the home map
The fast teleport and custom item NPCs are accessible here.

"@fishing" will give you a fishing chair and teleport you to an area that allows for fishing
While sitting on the Fishing Chair in the fishing area, drop mesos to attract fish.
The more mesos, the more enticing the bait will be to the fish and will increase your chances of catching something.
You may earn EXP, Items, and Mesos via fishing!

Added Content
Linked account stats system: If any character is above lvl 70, you get +1 added to all your characters' stats roughly every 7 levels;
This supports multiple characters so if multiple characters are above lvl 70 on your account, the effect will be greater;
This also supports a rudimentary form of rebirth as any stats added are saved permanently to the characters (if you get a character to lvl200 and delete it, the +20 stats gained on the other characters in your account from that lvl200 will remain)

Added maps: Floating Market (Thailand), Golden Temple (Thailand), Zimending (Taiwan), Night Market (Taiwan), Shangai (China), Coke Town (advertising special map), & Ulu City
These are accessible from the "@home" fast travel NPC.

Added Items: Kingdom Hearts Keyblade, Electric Dragon, and Energy Explosion weapon covers; Matrix Ring (with the matrix scrolling code animation).
Available from "@home" items NPC.

Added custom/non-Maplestory mobs: Combee
Found in "@fishing" 1st portal to the right

Added Donation NPC to '@home' map: 50,000NX Cash for 20 days usage of the following commands: '@whatdropsfrom' '@whodrops' '@buffme' '@goto' account wide (all your characters)
Don't forget to vote everyday for denMS @ and complete the voting procedure at Gtop100. You will receive 5000NX Cash and help drive more players to the server
These links will NOT net you 5000NX Cash but will still enable you to vote for the server: ... 813?vote=1