not responding on virtualbox

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not responding on virtualbox

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hi i'm experiencing technical difficulties whenever i'm in game. just created my account awhile ago and wasn't able to leave the map because it hangs whenever I go near the portal. thereafter my maplestory on virtualbox will change to "not responding". I'm using a Mac. Any idea how to resolve this issue?
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Re: not responding on virtualbox

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Hello, sorry for taking long to respond,

Is it only one portal or is it all portals? I just checked the server and it says you are in the Magic Library map. I teleported your character to Henesys to free you from the map. If it still does not work, then please report back here. Also please check to see if that map/portal continues to do this. That map and portal works just fine on my end but I also restarted the server so that may have helped too.

For future reference, to fix a stuck character: you can do "@home" in the chat box ingame and then talk to the NPC to teleport you to Henesys. The other way to do this is to login on the main website (using your ingame account and password) and click on "character fix" and then click on "unstuck" for the character that is having issues.

Also I don't think this is a problem with virtualbox.
Hope this helps!
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