Minecraft 3D Models

§ Japanese Bridge - By: Kenichi_Yamamoto
§ Pagoda Temple - By: YagamiLight
§ Modern Skyscraper - Built By: Dummy
§ Domed Capitol - By: DrZeldaGlitch
§ Fountain - By: DrZeldaGlitch
§ Satellite Spaceship - By: Idontcutmyself
§ Cherry Blossom Tree Small - By: YagamiLight
§ ArctixOwl - By: YagamiLight
§ FlyingHeart - By: Idontcutmyself
§ HotAirBalloon - By: Idontcutmyself
§ ClockTower - By: JonGames WxxDii Idontcutmyself

These models are in 3D parallel-viewing mode at the top and cross-eye viewing mode at the bottom. You can change the viewing mode to Red/Blue 3D glasses, 2D, or etc using the "S" key.
If you need instructions on how to view 3D photos manually with your eyes or you enjoy 3D, check out my 3D photos here.
Install 3D side-by-side / VR mod for minecraft here.